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October 2006 Featured Event
Free-Motion Quilting**
Classes with Allison Spence of Needleworks!
Friday Evening October 20: Beginner's Basics,
Saturday Morning October 21: Intermediate;
Saturday Afternoon Advanced.

Free Motion Quilting**

Instructor: Allison Spence


Free Motion Quilting, learn the basics and then some…..


Lesson 1: Learn how easy it is to achieve perfect tension and stitch length while creating some beautiful fill stitches for your next quilt.


Lesson 2: Learn how to use templates and transfer your patterns to the fabric. Students will also learn how to make their own templates.


Lesson 3: Learn how to create beautiful feather designs free hand with minimal marking on the quilt.


Supply list: bring to all classes


   Sewing machine in good working order with instruction manual and accessories, spare bobbins, extension table (optional, but highly recommended).

   Basic Sewing Kit: fray check, scissors, thread snips, thread, pins, tape measure, pencil or pen for taking notes.

   Size 12 needles, either universal, stretch, denim or quilting

   pencil and sharpener or mechanical pencil

   blue wash away or purple air erasable marking pen

   quilting gloves (gardening, kitchen rubber, surgical, safety).

   Quilting, Darning, or Free Motion Foot (these feet are the same, but are called different things by different manufacturers). You need to make sure the foot fits your machine before you come to class. Feed dog cover if needed for your machine.


Lesson 1:

   1 meter muslin or light coloured solid fabric (non- printed) 100% cotton fabric

   45” x 20” low loft cotton batting (Warm n’ Natural). No polyester batts.

   2 spools 100% cotton thread (red and green or blue and pink

Lesson 2

   0.5 meter muslin or light coloured solid fabric (non-printed)

   0.5 meter dark colored solid fabric

   40” x 20” low loft cotton batting (Warm n’ Natural). No polyester batts.

   Thread (bring something that will both blend and contrast your quilt fabrics)

   12” piece of white freezer paper

   12” piece of solvy water soluble tear away stabilizer or Aqua Magic water soluble tear away stabilizer.

   12” piece of tissue paper or light weight tear away stabilizer

   Washable fine line marking pen (crayola washable markers work well)

Lesson 3

   1 meter sandwich (1 meter top fabric, 1 meter batting, 1 meter backing). Layered and spray or pin  basted.

   Variety of threads….try some variegated or specialty threads to experiment.

Our in-store classroom features classes for all levels of quilter's including beginners, intermediate and advanced quilting classes.




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